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Exclusive Webinar: Pro-trader Yassine in cooperation with TradersClub24

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Wed. 15th March 2023 - 5:00 pm (CET)
Fri. 17th March 2023 - 3:00 pm (CET)

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Wed. 15th March 2023 - 5:00 pm (CET)

with Yassine & Carlos Martins, CEO of TradersClub24

5:00 pm

Introduction: TradersClub24 from Germany
with Yassine & Carlos Martins, CEO of TradersClub24, Fulltime Trader with 25 years experience

5:20 pm

Profitable with Swing-Trading-Strategy
Our trading strategies are 100% rule-based. With only two minutes per day you can gain 20% and more per year

5:40 pm

Box-Trading Strategy for Day Trading
Best open-range breakout strategy in the world with a hit rate of 99.7 %. Semi-automated trading tool for MetaTrader


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Please contact us via WhatsApp: +49 163 0265235

Fri. 17th March 2023 - 3:00 pm (CET)

with Christian Schürholz (COO of TradersClub24) and Mohammad (Partner broker Thunder Markets)

3:00 pm

Quick Introduction of Swing-Trading-Strategy:
Learn how to make 20% per year in FX & indices with 3 minutes of your time a day. That easy-to-use strategy is suited for everybody – both professionals and part-time traders.

3:30 pm

Live Trading US Market Open
Trade volatility of Dow Jones and Gold at the market open using the award-winning TC24 Box Trading Strategy. See how we trade quick market moves long and short with a hit rate of 99.7%

3:50 pm

Introductions of our partner broker Thunder Market
Our constant pursuit of innovation over the last years shows that we never stand still. No matter how you want to trade, we have the solution for you. Trade FX, commodities, indices, stocks on more than 140 financial instruments with low spreads.

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